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TRISTAN & ISOLDE Wagner – La Monnaie / De Munt

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While a knight accompanies a princess to be married off to his master, an unspoken love kindles between them. But when their secret passion is betrayed, they seek refuge for their eternal love in death.

A hymn to the mythic power of love, Wagner’s Tristan & Isolde is a watershed in Western music. Its musical innovations, innovative use of harmony and polyphony and portrayal of extreme emotions have influenced generations of composers.

Streamed on OperaVision on 22 May 2020 at 19:00 CET and available for 6 months:


Tristan: Bryan Register
King Marke: Franz-Josef Selig
Isolde: Ann Petersen
Kurwenal: Andrew Foster-Williams
Brangäne: Nora Gubisch
Melot / A helmsman: Wiard Witholt
A shepherd / A young sailor: Ed Lyon
Chorus: La Monnaie's Men Chorus
Orchestra: La Monnaie's Symphony Orchestra

Music: Richard Wagner
Text: Richard Wagner
Conductor: Alain Altinoglu
Director: Ralf Pleger
Set Designer: Alexander Polzin
Costume Designer: Wojciech Dziedzic
Lighting Designer: John Torres
Choreographer: Fernando Melo
Chorus Master: Martino Faggiani
Artistic concept: Ralf Pleger & Alexander Polzin
Concertmaster: Saténik Khourdoian






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