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Pub Renault - Satisfyingly Renault

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Renault reveals how oddly satisfying their car features are on International Day of Happiness.

Ever seen a satisfying video? Curious of this social media trend that gives millions of viewers an unexplainable sense of satisfaction? Some people can spend hours watching them.

These satisfying videos contain perfectly executed tasks or mechanics, so mesmerizing they can be compared to a hypnosis session.

To show online users the satisfying ease of driving a Renault, the French automotive brand has turned to the YouTube trend of ‘Oddly Satisfying Videos’ to create a hypnotic compilation of their features, in a campaign aptly named: Satisfyingly Renault.

In line with the Renault ZOE x ASMR campaign, which compared the ASMR experience to the relaxing driving of this electric vehicle, this new experience offers us pure visual pleasure through the demonstration of the "Easy Life" features of its models.

In the same vein, the campaign embodies “Easy Life”, to show how Renault’s features make life easier for us. The compilation includes the features: Pre-heating system, 4CONTROL, Turning radius, Easy Park Assist, Easy storage, Panoramic roof.

Carine Gailliez, Content and Media Director, Renault, explains: "We have a full range of features that have been created to make the driver and passenger’s lives easier. So, to highlight these through a hypnotic, satisfying video trend felt entertaining and right for our Easy Life promise."

Jean-Guy Saulou, Managing Director, Publicis Conseil: "Launching the Satisfyingly Renault campaign on International Happiness Day is a great approach to engage in an ongoing social discussion. What’ s more, is that this content can be used to reinforce brand attributes, as well as to present products."

The launch of the campaign coincides with International Day of Happiness (20 March) and hopes to give users a small moment of joy, on an otherwise mundane Wednesday.

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