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Musique pub Renault ZE - The Postman

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For this Valentine’s Day, Renault has produced its first animated movie around love and silence of EV vehicles. The Postman tells the romantic and comical story of a postman and his troublesome pursuit to get closer to his crush, because of a very protective noise-sensitive dog.

Until one day, an electric vehicle will change his life.

The film, which features a Renault Kangoo Z.E., promotes the benefits of driving electric vehicles and their silent engines, which offers comfort for both the driver and the surroundings.

Renault Z.E. offers a line-up of 100% electric vehicles and associated services, for both private and business customers. Renault is the European leader in 100% electric passenger and light commercial vehicles.


When Lars, a postman, meets a girl on his daily postal round, he instantly falls for her.

The only problem? His noisy vehicle keeps disturbing her small-but-angry dog, who blocks him from getting anywhere near to his new crush.

The Postman endures multiple comical attacks from the possessive dog, until finally, he is given a set of keys to a brand-new Renault Kangoo Z.E., allowing him to silently approach his crush, Karen.

Everything starts with an electric moment!

Carine Gaillez, Global Content and Media Director, Renault: “By developing a full-fledged and accessible electric vehicle range, Renault wants to make everyone’s lives better. This animated content is the best way to illustrate the reasons to believe in these innovative vehicles in an emotional way. We are proud to have developed with the Publicis Loft this universal, engaging story, for a timely event that matters in our audiences lives.”

Patrick Lara, Managing Director, Publicis Conseil: “The Postman film is a different approach to other EV content that Renault has produced in the past. We hope this romantic and funny story will drive closeness and familiarity with Renault’s audience this Valentine’s Day”

The ‘Making of The Postman’ will also be launched which show the process of creating the film, from conception to the final product.

The film was created by The Loft Publicis, directed by Akama, produced by WIZZ and animated by NKI.

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