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Musique pub Renault - Easy Christmas

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Renault has created a short Christmas video, “Ideas for an Easier Christmas” that applies the brand’s ‘Easy Life’ philosophy to a familiar festive task, stuffing the turkey.

Created for social media, the video presents a man reluctantly stuffing a turkey. As he is struggling harder and harder, Renault eventually rescues him. Following the example of Renault cars, which feature a very handy Easy Life Drawer, the turkey happens to be equipped with a small drawer of its own. Thus the man can easily stuff the turkey and prepare Christmas.

A good idea makes life easier

The short humorous video aims to humanize the brand and help audiences understand the Renault brand beyond its car models.

Patrick Lara, Managing Director, Publicis Conseil: “It was important for us to communicate Renault’s ‘Easy Life’ value as a mindset that can be applied to all walks of life, not just cars and car features. Christmas was the perfect moment for us to apply this mindset to, as we know that organising the perfect Christmas is a stress for families.”

Carine Gailliez, Global Content & Media Director, Renault: “We work with The Loft to create brand content that communicates how Renault can make life easier. For Christmas, we wanted to target a demographic that celebrates Christmas and apply this Easy Life thinking to real life situations they can relate to, like stuffing the Christmas turkey. We’ve targeted a specific group at a key moment to show how Renault can make Christmas easier in a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ way.”

The Loft delivers the “Ideas for an easier Christmas” video alongside a series of snackable Christmas content to global Renault markets.

The film was created by The Loft at Publicis Conseil, directed by Olivier Babinet and produced by Henry.

The Loft is the Publicis Conseil social media conception unit. Outside the historical walls of the 133 avenue des Champs Elysées, it provides brands with a new way to collaborate with agencies, more agile, more collaborative, more open. In a dedicated space, during a dedicated time, all capabilities meet and work together on the same project: strategists, copywriters, typographers, script doctors, art directors, data analysts… in order to produce content that will enable the brand to communicate with their new social audiences in an innovative way. Created in January 2016, the Loft has convinced Renault, Garnier, BNP Paribas, Rowenta… in France, and has been deployed throughout the Publicis Worldwide agencies.

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