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'Loved to Death' is a love song. It's boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, girl doesn't love boy, so boy kills girl, so no one else will have her.

(Music, lyrics: Mustaine)

Your body's empty now
As I hold you
Now you're gone,
I miss you but I told you
I remember bad times
More than good
There's no coming back
Even if we could

I loved you to death

If I can't have you
Then no one will
Since I won't
I'll have to kill
My only love,
Something I've never felt
Now you've gone to Heaven
And I'll burn in Hell

I loved you to death

Solo - Mustaine

And now I'm down below
And what do I see?
You didn't go to heaven,
You're down here with me
And now you're coming back,
"Baby take me please"
I really think I would
If you weren't such a sleaze

I loved you once before,
You kept me on a string
I'd rather go without
Than take what you would bring

I loved you to death

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